Many Medicines cost more than the price you pay…


Some cost hundreds of dollars! The Australian Government subsidises the cost of a wide range of prescription medicines through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). All Australian residents and eligible overseas visitors can access affordable medicines through the PBS.

From the 1st of January 2013, the general patient rate that you have to pay (patient contribution) is up to $36.10 and if you have a valid concession card or DVA card, your patient contribution is $5.90. Please note: if you choose a more expensive brand, or the doctor prescribes a medication not covered on the PBS, you will need to pay more.

If you or your family need a lot of medications in a year, you may meet the PBS Safety Net threshold. As of the 1st of January 2013 the amount for general patients is $1390.60 and for concession card holders $354 ( or 60 prescriptions). Once you reach this threshold you will then pay $5.90 if you are a general patient, and if you are a  concession patient your prescriptions will now be FREE.

To make sure you are being charged the correct price, each time you hand in a prescription you should present your medicare and any concession cards. For more information on the PBS and Safety Net threshold, come in and speak to our friendly pharmacist or dispensary technicians today!

When presenting your prescriptions you may be asked if you would like the pharmacy preferred brand or the generic of your medication. These are just as good as the expensive or common brand. They might look a little different, but they still contain the same active ingredients and meet the Therapeutic Goods Administrations’ high standards if quality, safety and effectiveness.

Here at Quirindi Pharmacy we choose Apotex as our main generic supplier. The company has been manufacturing and distributing  a broad range of high quality, affordable medicines, to patients (through healthcare providers) since 1974.

We also offer a delivery service to the Quirindi local area and we can file your prescriptions here in store for peace of mind and safe keeping. If you or a loved one are taking 3 or more medications then you also may benefit from our Websterpak service or a Home Medicine Review from our qualified pharmacist to help make managing your medication easier.

For all of your prescription needs and more, come into to Quirindi Pharmacy and see our friendly pharmacist’s today!