Show off your individuality with a new fragrance…

A new perfume can help us escape reality, increase our confidence and allure as well as trigger happy memories from days gone by. At Quirindi Pharmacy we keep perfumes from each of the main fragrance families, whether its floral or woody oriental, perhaps you are wanting to try something fresh and new, we can help you.

Classics such as:

  • > Giorgio
  • > Arpege
  • > Elizabeth Arden Beautiful or
  • > White Diamonds

can all be found in store.

However adding to our range we now have the hottest new fragrances from:

  • > Justin Bieber
  • > Beyonce
  • > Taylor Swift and
  • > Brittany Spears

Prices vary according to fragrance type. Eau de Parfum is generally more expensive than any Eau de Toilette due to the fact it contains more essential oils compared to water content. We have giftpacks available for selected lines and staff on hand to assist you with selecting something new for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

But its not just for the ladies! There are a number of men’s fragrances available as well at Quirindi Pharmacy including Joop, David Beckham, Calvin Klein and Diesel.